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Student will participate in a series of events organised by the school to support student to be exposed to the target language learned by students at MCES. It is also aimed to support students to experience the culture to the max and also enables students to enjoy learning Chinese at MCES. 

Holiday Homework Awards

Mother's Day Performance 

School Anniversary 


Teacher's PD Day

Upcoming Events


27 Jan

Professional Development for all teachers.

03 Feb

Term 1 commerce @ all campuses

23 Mar

End of Term @all campuses

Holiday Homework Awards

At MCES student are given holiday homework which enables student to use their imagination and words their learnt from school to create their own little booklet. This allows student to enhance their understanding of the language learned and also enrich student's creativity in the process of crafting their Holiday Homework.   

Mother's Day performance 


At MCES we had always celebrated Mother's Day, it is believe that mothers are the greatest person in the family. We thank all mother's to rise children and cater for child in every way. 




School Anniversary Celebration

Since the school has established in 1975, MCES has 43 years of providing Chinese language the broad community. We are proud to continue to provided support to anyone who are interested in learning Chinese and want to speak another language. We believe that learning a language is more than just the language, its also about understanding the custom, culture, people and so much more. Every year our teachers to choreograph performance with students to celebrate this special event. All parents and guardian are invite to attend this celebration. 

Teacher's PD Day

At MCES we believe that teachers matters, we provided the best opportunity for our teachers to grow professionally and personally to support and cater for our students. We strongly recommend all teachers to attend meeting and Professional Development Day as many as possible either inside or outside the school. It is important to our teachers that they are up-to-date to the current curriculum and also developing different strategies to engage student in the classroom in learning Chinese. 

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