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21st September 2020


Dear Parents/guardian,

Closure of School

We regret to inform all parents about permanently closing Footscray campus from 2021 (Gilmore Secondary for Girls) whose children attend or registered to attend Melbourne Chinese Ethnic School. It has been a very difficult decision made during this hard time. We had been renting this school for many years and it is our pleasure to provide service of Chinese language to children and parents living around the neighbourhood.

There are many factors which resolved in the decision made by the leadership committee to permanently close this campus at Footscray location.

Firstly, in recent years there has been many issues with rent the current day school (Gilmore Secondary for Girls) due to the day school undergone through many constructions and limited rooms we can use from the school. Last year, we had the day school contacting our school leadership committee and stating they would no longer wanting to rent us rooms for Saturday school learning. We had insisted of continue our leasing with the current school, however this is a factor we cannot control.

Secondly, in the past two years we had been looking for another school that would suit our current demand in delivering the target language to people living around the suburbs. Even with the help of the Community Language Victoria we could not find a suitable location, and the rental of other locations were unpredictably higher than we had expected.

Thirdly, due to the current low number of students enrolled at this campus we cannot afford to pay our teacher’s salary and rent to the day school.


Lastly, if you are thinking to continue sending your children to learn the language, we would like to offer our support to recommend other community Chinese school near you.

Nearby community language school:

City Language Learning Centre provides Chinese from Prep to VCE. Campus Location: Footscray, City, Coburg and Epping
Head office: 28 Wingfield St, Footscray
Principal: Dr Maria Tang

Contact: 9689 9988, 0413 887 887

Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the number or email provided.

Mobile: 0412 148 168


Yours sincerely,

Easter Wu
Founder of Melbourne Chinese Ethnic School



校方决定于 2021 年关闭 Footscray 校区的通知

关于墨尔本中华民族学校 Footscray 校区即将关闭的情况,我们将向所有在我们

这个校区注册的学生家长发出通知。在这个艰难的时期,这是一个非常艰难的决定。 我们租了这所学校很多年了,很高兴在过去的几十年里能为住在附近的孩子和家长提 供中文服务。

有许多因素使得校方领导委员会决定从 2021 年起永久关闭 Footscray 校区。

第一,近年来,由于我们租用的日校正在经历建筑工程,因此只有有限的教室可以 租用,现用的日校(Gilmore 中学女子中学)出现了许多问题。去年,我们所租用的 日校正式通知我们,说他们不再继续能租教室给我们星期六上午使用。我们坚持要继 续与现有学校租赁,但这是一个我们无法控制的因素。


第二,从去年到今年,我们一直在寻找另一所学校,以满足我们目前继续办学的需 求。即使有维多利亚社区语言中心的帮助,我们也找不到合适的地点,其他地点的租 金也比我们预期的要高得多。


第三,由于目前这所学校的学生人数不多,我们付不起教师的工资和日校昂贵的租 金。


最后,如果您想继续送您的孩子学习汉语,我们将提供支持,推荐您附近的其他社 区中文学校。

城市语言中心,是政府注册的社区周末语言学校,成立于 2005 年,现在有四个校 区:Footscray, 墨尔本市区(Wesley College), Coburg, Epping, 提供从 prep 学前 班到 12 年级中文高考的各种中文课程。除此之外,CLLC 还有各种假期课程。 总部:28 Wingfield St,Footscray

负责人:Maria Tang 博士 联系方式:9689 9988, 0413 887 887


手机:0412 148 168




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